May 29, 2010

Hellooo :)
havent been here so long that my tagboard is flooded by blogshops haha so weird.

Dance night is in ONE DAY! little less than 24 hours actually.
Oh gosh all im feeling is just fear because im not ready for it. D:
Really scared for fusion 2. Its really came a long long way, from being criticised like its worthless, till what we have now, something that we are proud of. Especially for the girls' part, been through storms man. Sighe! its all going to be over soon enough and all i hope now is for us to be able to be comfortable with ourselves, and enjoy the moment on stage performing the piece we own =] I remember the day i got picked to do fusion, I was sooo reluctant. But now at the end of the day, I guess it was a great experience. At least I know its a unique experience that only the fusion girls share, something special that is once in a lifetime, that the others would never know. Learning hiphop and looking like an idiot, stressing over being so sucky at it, stressing over being messy for modern, stressing over partnerwork. Laughing at weisheng when the guys first learnt the lift, his expression of fear is just super duper funny. all of their lameass jokes and funny faces, and retarded fruit basket unite game. memories memories! Fusion has been great, im not regretting it at all. Though im still sad that i dont get to do 'Seduction', but nevermind! Cant have it all. At least i got to know alot of nice people, got to know some lovelies alot more :) , learnt a new genre of dance, battled with the embarrassment to showcase it, and learnt how to work together. Been a great experience despite the immense stress its created along the way :)

Our months of hard work, not forgetting the whole appealing distress and unhappiness, and non-stop dance practices everyday is going to culminate into two nights of adrenaline. Dont really know whether to be sad or happy! I know im going to be very happy once its all over because i'll have my time and freedom back, but it is going to be sad because it will be the end of our journey of dance in MAD. and possibly the end of my role(??? for the lack of a better word) as a dancer. Im still going to dance but it just wont be the same anymore, especially cause being a mugger is the only option for the next few months. and after that, dont know what'll happen. maybe i'll dance outside but there probably wont be a chance to perform anymore.
I know im going to miss dancing, never liked doing anything else as much as this. Im going to miss modern alot alot alot alot alot. Our batch has been through so much, and have been bonded so much more from where we started last year. We had our last lesson together yesterday, almost cried. Im going to miss dancing with everybody :((((
At the end of this road Im really proud of myself, because all I have now as a dancer i have worked for it. Im so glad that by some miracle i was accepted into MAD. It is really amazing because it just so happened to be the only year Mr Dan needed a bigger batch if not i wouldnt have been in MAD, wouldnt have been able to start dancing and love it, or even got the chance to be dance ic. Im thankful for the people who've helped me, the people whove made MAD awesome, thankful for the opportunities.

Today was supposed to be a wonderful day, but it wasnt.
but tomorrow,
TranscenDANCE 2010 will be awesome possum! :)

March 09, 2010

Stressed out. I never felt so much like my head was gonna explode before.
Today was an off day for good A level results. Finally had time to mug.
But in the end, i spent my whole day in the dance studio and at city hall. Its not anybodys fault im just irritated at the fact that i have no time to do anything i want. i dont even have time to do what i dont want -mug.
Gonna have to travel for 3 hours tomorrow, waste my precious time on the train and bus
March holidays is just packed with dance. every single day except tuesday.
I hate it when i get lousy results not because i didnt study hard enough but because i dont have the time to.
It irks me when teachers sigh and go "you better study hard for your block tests!" because its not like i dont want to, but i dont get the chance to.

I wished i had more time
wished i had less stuff to do
wished my parents could be more supportive
wished i was super smart so i could ace without having to study.
But wishes never come true.

Back to reality.
Im going mad (pun intended)
I have lots of stuff to do.
I need to mug like crazy.
Its a terrible week and its not gonna get better

March 07, 2010

Hello world, whoever still comes here haha.
Gosh its been an emotional week. Dramafest just ended. Had a great time working with everyone, towards one goal. Though the results weren't what we have had liked, we've really tried our best and i guess that's all that matters, as people always like to say. Can't say there wasn't any disappointment or regret, but what's done is done and we've just got to pass down the lessons learnt to the juniors and help them achieve their best. That said, I'm just really thankful to all the people who've slogged their guts out for this. I've been playing a minor role in this whole process and am already very tired out, imagine what amanda, sl, hanjing, the cast, the dedicated crew, the dedicated seniors have been through. Its really cool to see people putting in so much effort, putting in their best for this common goal. So i dare say that even though someone else may have won the material prizes, we have gained far more solely based on the amount of effort that we've put in.

That in mind, i just wonder what i do things for. Why do i put in effort and get myself so tired? What is my purpose? Who am i doing it for?
Nowadays I just dont find joy in anything that i do anymore. Dancing is probably the only one sole thing that I am truly happy doing. The others are just out of a nagging guilt or a responsibility. Sigh. Life still goes on though.
Stress has been piling on. Especially with the release of A level results. You just see too many people being 'okay'. but i dont want to be just okay. I want a scholarship but its so difficult, seeing my grades now. I need to work hard but i dont have the strength to. Blocks are in 5 days, I havent started studying. well done. Not to mention that i've been lagging this whole term.
Its going to be a terrible birthday. Its the first time i feel so sad that my birthday is coming because i know its going to be a lousy one.

Oh gosh i feel like skipping school tomorrow

February 27, 2010

I love these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creativity at its epitome! In dance!<3

January 30, 2010


**Looking for those at the beginner level/have no prior experience.

School has started :(:(:( and you're falling back into that boring old routine again. But FEAR NOT, now with the MAD AWESOME DRUMMING LESSONS i'm giving, You won't have to dread waking up every morning every again!

so WHY should you learn from me?

1) After going through my MAD AWESOME DRUMMING LESSONS, you'll NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. From then on, you'll be known as MAD AWESOME (insert name here).

2) Too shy to talk to that chick/hunk who sits across the classroom? MAD AWESOME DRUMMING LESSONS CAN GIVE YOU THAT CONFIDENCE.

3) 5 years of experience playing at my MAD AWESOME church.

4) Drumming itself is MAD AWESOME, and is a MAD AWESOME SKILL/HOBBY to pick up whatever your interests are in.

5) A MAD AWESOME price at $25/hr. (or if you come in pairs/group, it will be $20ea)

6) A brand new pair of MAD AWESOME STICKS if you sign up.


-sms Leon at 91518268 or email me at for more details & inquiries.

**Looking for those at the beginner level/have no prior experience.

***Further details:

on a more serious note, i am
-18 going on 19.
-Just graduated from JC.
-Lessons to be conducted at my home(okok, it's my parent's home) in the East.(nice mansionette home with lots of space )
-Lives at Kembangan.
-Stays with parents, two siblings.
-Teaching on an electronic drumset due to HDB constraints.(will gladly explain the difference in acoustic and electronic sets if you're planning to learn)
-Played guitar for 4 years too. Has strong interest in music.

*-Genre of music i play: rock, mainstream, christian
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Advertising for Leon tan!
If you're looking to learn drums, you can consider him =]
As can be seen from his advertisement, hes a retarded person but serious teacher.
No prerequisites require, dont have to be a pretty girl!(:

January 28, 2010

Havent blogged in ages! Have been really busy with school and all. Been dancing alot and loving it! :D
really pleased with the fac dance, especially seeing the fac comm so conscientiously coming to practice and doing their best to learn and dance it well. <333 athena fc. And did i mention that our new website is just super awesome! We have our own domain :D the whole website was done by yongjie, it looks so professional! The fac comm stayed back in school till 1130 yesterday to finish the banner, gosh i feel guilty for not staying. Yet again our banner never disappoints, its so pretty!! :)

Alrighty lastly i shall share this funny song i came across on the radio in the morning which i think is very cute. :)

Answering Machine- Rupert Holmes


And Lady Gaga's speechless which i think is really nice.

November 26, 2009

The great Hwa Chong flood!

and heres outside my house hahaha!

Wow its quite funny hahaha! and i didnt get to witness it!:(
Its quite cool to see my neighbourhood in a different state haha

One Year <3


The day started with Nat appeared at my house and gave me a rose and a handdrawn plate! I love the plate so cuteeee!:D but i cant eat on it=[
Haha its supposed to be his decoy tricking me into believing that its all he prepared for me haha!

After that we set off for dinner! The plan was originally to blindfold me all the way there! Luckily in the end he didnt hahaha because it was so complicated to get there and when i was there i didnt even know the place anyway! Haha!
We took a bus down to newton, and then took the train southward and nat tried to trick me that we overshot the stop, and unfortunately succeeded haha ass! We took to the end to marina bay, so of course i was like Yay we're going to marina barrage! :D :D We walked to the ulu bussstop and waited for the bus. Then we took the bus which didnt go to barrage! Ended up at Marina South pier. hahaha never ever been there before! But its quite a nice place just that theres barely anybody, just two restaurants and a nice rooftop facing the sea, and there are nice huge rattan chairs to sit in. Nat was being so secretive all the way! Cannot tell me where we're going, cannot let me look at his messages, just kept going ' oh no i hope the rain stops'.
It was so sad that it was raining. Actually it was drizzling but nat's original plan was still foiled and had to go for his Plan B! In the end it was still wonderful though:D

We reached around 720 and went up to the rooftop and hung around. Wiped the chair and sat down. I was like 'hmmmmm.... what are we doinghere? is somebody or something supposed to appear?" hahah but then we just sat there for very long with no apparent reason. All the place has was a cafe, and a seafood restaurant and this:

At 750 we got to the first floor and walked towards the boat:D I had no idea what it was actually haha. But we were greeted by a super nice waitress, then we were ushered to a table. On the table was a black book and a rose. And i was still very blur i thought it was the decor and menu or something hahahah! But after that i saw the words on it :D and knew it was for me. And how did it magically appear there by itself? Nat travelled all the way to this ulu place in the morning and brought the rose and book just so it would be on the table when we came hahah omg so sweet. Then he had a meeting with the boss and laid down his plans for the night haha! so funny

I love the book so much. It was a record of what we've gone through so far. Though nat thinks its ugly, its so most beautiful to me because its filled with pages of his sincere words. Haha everytime i read it i feel like crying (ya im a crybaby), thats why when i was almost going to i would put it down and eat first hahaha. bet you didnt know that nattt:D

The place is called Stewords Riverboat. Its a christian restaurant :D Theres three levels and the top being the open air dining area where we can dine in the sea breeze. But because of the rain and a lack of manpower the people couldnt clean up in time for us to have dinner there.
But i liked the first level alot too
Heres the interior of first level. Its really pretty! To the left was a window through which i could see the sea. On weekends jazz musicians would come to play live. And as you eat you sway with the waves haha.

After we sat down a waiter came and lit a candle for us, and i didnt realise until nat told me that our table was the only one with a nice table cloth and lit candle! The people are so niceeee!

Then we got the menu and ordered food and i accidentally burnt the menu HAHAHAHA!with the candle! Omg so embarassing i felt so bad especially when theyre so nice to us haha!

We ordered buffalo wings which was sour but had a very nice cream dip,

and _________ which is grilled fish with alot of spring onions and a super nice crispy potato thing. It was a nice dinner havent ate so much fish in a long time hahaha! It was really filling surprisingly!

And i ordered Promised Land, which are soft buns soaked in maple syrup and pan fried. Oh gosh its sooooooo goooood! Totally in love with it haha its like ultimate comfort food :D and there was a yoghurt dip by the side as well which is very sour haha but still nice :D comon everything tastes nice on your one year :D

I wanted to go up to the open air dining area just to take a look, but somehow nat ordered dessert and said we could have it upstairs. I was wondering why cause the tables and chairs would still be wet anyway. But we went up and found a dried table with an electronic candle! The waiter/waitresses dried just one table for us so we could have dessert up there. So nice!

Our sundae came and before we could finish it, the waitress came with this! with a lit candle too. Oh gosh so niceeee so sweet. This dessert was a complementary from the boss for us :D so nice! And they allocated a waitress specially for us though they only have 3 waiters that day haha gosh. Stewords should get an award for bestest service ever.

So we had our dessert under the night sky in the sea breeze. Had a really wonderful time. Thank you Naaaaaaaatttttttttt I know you put in so much effort into planning for this. Love you loads and loads and loads. and the other day i was being sad about being a failure in life, not getting my h3 and injuring myself yet again, but then now i know i did at least one thing right in my life, which is getting to know you(:

My presents to him!
A photo album which im proud of :D
a bigggg one that i sewed in blue! hahaha! im so amazed at myself that i can actually sew something and it looks like what its intended to be! :D

cute teddy bear called bearbear!

haha they look so cute together((:
Potato adventures!
20th nov

'Dont know what to do' -> Random craving -> Spontaneity! -> kitchen adventure again (:

We really liked the crispy potato pancake thing we had at Riverboat :D So we decided to try to make our own version! With our extensive knowledge of cooking derived from martha, rachel, jamie, etc etc etc, we set out on our recipe creation.

We poked the potatoes, boiled them, soaked them in cold water, peeled them, chopped them up, mixed them with chopped spring onion, salt, pepper, egg... Tadaah!

Then we coated them with flour and fried them! and there was alot alot of smoke dont know why hahaha! The frying was quite smooth going, look it looks so pretty!

Eventually it tasted nothing like what we had at riverboat hahahahah! Dont know how they make theirs so yummy and crispy! secret seasoning and secret coating (:
But ours was okay, Passable! :D at least it tasted like potato! hahahah! my mum said it was not bad haha.

Yay success and fun!:D

21 Things to do ((:

Apple crumble!
15th Nov

After church Nat and I was just wandering around Pasir Ris with nothing to do, sooo.... we decided to go make apple crumble! :D

Apple crumble is like the easiest thing to make other than brownies and it tastes so awesome!
The only difficult step is peeling the apples really. Actually not difficult but more like irritating! The apple skin flies everywhere, and violent people like nat makes the apple mushy and gross haha! After that everything is easy peasy :D

Yay the cute cook!

Our apple crumble was really good :D
But for people who dont have a sweet tooth, cut down sugar(:


Apple Crumble
from videojug
  • 4 cooking apples
  • 250 g white sugar
  • 200 g plain white flour
  • 120 g butter
  • 1 clove or cinnamon stick
  • 1 wooden spoon
  • 1 pan with lid
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 shallow oven proof serving dish
  • Serves:
  • 4
  • Preparation Time:
  • 15 minutes
  • Cooking Time:
  • 30 minutes
  • Oven Temperature:
  • 150° c - 300° f
  1. Peel the apples

    Firstly, peel and core the apples and roughly dice them into chunks.

  2. Cook the apples

    Put the apple chunks into a pan, add three quarters of the sugar, the cinnamon stick or clove and cover.

  3. Stew the apples

    Allow to stew gently for half an hour, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Keep checking as they can easily burn at the beginning.

  4. Check the apples

    Check that the fruit is cooked by mashing it a bit with the wooden spoon. The apples should be soft but not puréed.

  5. Allow to cool

    Put the apples into the serving dish and allow to cool.

  6. Make the crumble

    Mix the white flour, remaining sugar and the butter with your fingers in a bowl until it becomes like a breadcrumb consistency.

  7. Preheat the oven

    Set the temperature of the oven to 150ºC (300ºF/ gas mark 2).

  8. Add the crumble topping

    Cover the stewed apples with the crumble topping, without pressing down.

  9. Cook the apple crumble

    Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until the crumble is golden brown and crunchy.

  10. Serve

    Spoon a helping of apple crumble into a dish and serve with cream or ice cream.